Executive Skills For Kids


What are executive skills and why do kids need them?

Executive skills are the skills humans need to process information. Research has shown that kids with high executive skills are stronger at reading comprehension, writing, and making logical connections throughout all subject areas.

Teaching kids executive skills will greatly benefit them far into their future. Effective strategies you can use to support your kiddos’ executive skills are inside the Executive Skills for Kids Workbook.

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Did you know that kids as young as 3 can start learning executive skills? These skills not only help them become successful humans, but also successful learners!

Research has shown that elementary-age kids with high executive skills are stronger at reading comprehension, writing, making logical connections in all subject areas, and team players.

What are these skills? They are:

  • Planning– how you approach a task, and the sequence of steps needed in a logical order to complete a task.
  • Organization– arranging materials or thoughts in an orderly fashion.
  • Cognitive Flexibility– problem solving skills + switching between steps of tasks.
  • Working Memory– remembering information and being able to put that information into action.
  • Impulse Control– ability to regulate emotions and physical reactions.
  • Social Understanding– the ability to view or imagine others thoughts and feelings.
  • Time Management– how you use your time to complete a task.

How can we teach our kids these skills?

We can support our children in may ways. From cooking to playing board games to goal planning, all of these life skills are executive skills.

Life skills look different at every age. Younger kiddos need more support while older kiddos need the space for trial and error. They need to figure things out for themselves.

Where do I start?

We have to start where your kids are at. Which means assessing what skills they already have. And what skills you need to help them build. Use strategies to help build those skills. And do it on repeat! Because kids learn best when things are repetitive.

Now this can seem overwhelming. With all the daily obligations you have, adding something else to your plate may feel too much. But putting in the extra effort now will actually take things off your plate later.

Picture this: your kids are folding their own laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and cooking meals for the family. This doesn’t have to be a dream. Your kids can do these things. You just need to start teaching them skills to do these tasks…and way more.

How can I teach them?

The Executive Skills For Kids Workbook includes everything you need to start the journey to developing the skills your kids need.

Use the strategies to build skills like organization, planning, and time management. Access tools to support impulse control and working memory. Gain insight into supporting social understanding and cognitive flexibility.

Included in the Workbook:

  • Basic assessment for what executive skills your child already has and where you can support
  • Strategies for each of the 7 executive skills you can do in your home, right now
  • Checklists and guides to support you and your child as you build executive skills.

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