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5 Hacks For National Clean Your Desk Day

Get your desk organized for National Clean Your Desk Day with these easy-to-follow hacks. Each hack has actionable steps you can take to get organized.

The second Monday in January is National Clean Your Desk Day! And in honor of this amazing holiday, I have 5 hacks to help you clean your desk the easy way!

Hack 1

Start with a clean slate.

In order to truly clean your desk, you have to remove everything. So take all the items off and wipe your desk using cleaning products. 

Don’t forget to wipe your keyboard and mouse too!

Then only put item you use daily on your desktop. All other items can do in the drawers or filing cabinets.

Hack 2

Go paperless as much as possible. Because when you don’t have the paper piling up on your desk, you can actually keep it organized.

I love using Quartet Whiteboard Easel to write down reminders for myself instead of using paper pads.

And the Glass Dry Erase Board for creating project planning boards.

You can read more tips below:

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Keeping your desk space organized, doesn't have to be tricky. Follow these 6 quick and easy desk organization ideas from a professional organizer! #deskorganization #organized

Hack 3

Use drawer organizers to keep your desk drawers tidy. This will prevent things from piling up on your desk because you have a place for them in your drawers.

To organize you desk drawers, start by grouping items together. I like storing all my pens together. Business cards have a place in my drawer. And all my office supply items like paper clips and binder rings are grouped into drawer organizers to keep them on hand and easy to find.

More tips on organizing drawers:

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Keeping your desk space organized, doesn't have to be tricky. Follow these 6 quick and easy desk organization ideas from a professional organizer! #deskorganization #organized

Hack 4

Deal with paper clutter immediately.

Instead of letting the paper pile up, come up with a plan for dealing with the paper. 

I like using a tray or magazine holder to hold items I need to sort through.

Then I either shred the papers using my GBC Shredder or file them. 

If I need to take action on a piece of paper, say a bill, I will do that when I am looking at it.

The exact paper plan I use is in the Foolproof Plan To Dealing With Paper Clutter.

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Hack 5

Label all your things.

It may sound excessive, but when things are labeled you are going to put them back where they belong.

On all my drawer organizers I have labels that say what goes where. This way anyone in my family can put things away without asking. Because there is a label.

I love using my Xyron Creative Station to create label stickers that can easily be swapped out. 

More Label Tutorials Below:

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office supply drawer in desk

More Desk Organizing Hacks

These 5 hacks to help you clean you desk are a great start. 

Start with a clean slate. Go paperless and deal with paper clutter immediately. Use drawer organizers and label them all.

If you still need more desk organizing ideas, these tips will help:

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