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Number 1 Secret To Keeping Your Home Organized

The number one secret to keeping your home organized, plus how you can keep things tidy!

Not so long ago, I was struggling to keep our home organized. We just had stuff everywhere. Our laundry room piled with extra bins and baskets. The storage space was starting to spill out into the basement because of all the bins we were trying to cram inside. Piles of paper ended up taking over my desk and work area. 

I decided that I would try doing the KonMari Method. That is the method of organizing where you hold an item and ask yourself if it sparks joy. If it doesn’t, you can get rid of it. So I started with the storage area because it was really bothering me. As I was going through the items, I realized that most of the things in the boxes and bins actually did spark joy. Which meant I wasn’t getting rid of things like that method promised. 

Back to the drawing board.

So I had to try a different method called minimalism. That is where to only keep the bare minimum in order to help you stay organized. So I tried to get rid of things we didn’t actually need. But the kids and my husband didn’t enjoy that at all. They wanted their stuff. And I couldn’t change that. I had to respect it.

But what was I going to do with all this stuff we had? I needed a new plan to help me keep our home organized. 

As the overwhelm started to sink in, I felt defeated by all the things. So I went into rage-mode and made the entire family clean up the entire house. And by clean up, I mean put all the things away. The kids were on toy duty. My husband had to clean up the entire kitchen. And I started straightening up the piles of paper.

After about thirty minutes, I felt so much better. And everything in our house was tidy. 

That night, I sat and thought about my rage-cleaning. What did we do that made the entire night seem less stressful?

Suddenly it hit me…we all cleaned up together.

So everything was put away where it belonged. And our house felt like a home again.

The next night I tried something we hadn’t done before. Everyone had to clean up something. 

In 20 minutes, our entire house was clean. No fighting. No rage-cleaning. Just the entire family taking time before bed to straighten up. 

And we have done this nightly clean up every night since. 

Now our nightly tidy sessions can be as quick as 10 minutes or as long as 20 minutes. But however long it takes, it is totally worth the time spend cleaning up every night!

Once I realized that doing a nightly tidy helped keep our home organized, that’s when I found I was less rage-y. I didn’t feel weighed down by all the stuff. I was able to enjoy playing with the kids. Because I wasn’t stressed out about cleaning up after we were done.

So how do you actually do a nightly tidy?


Step One

First step to do the nightly tidy in your home is to download my free Nightly Tidy Cheat Sheet. This 6-page guide will help you set up a nightly tidy routine that will help your entire family keep your home organized. Because this worked so well for my family, I had to test it out with other families. And they all agreed that this cheat sheet was the best guide they could find to actually keeping their home clean every day.


Step Two

After you print out the cheat sheet, watch the video below. It will guide you through the cheat sheet so you can create a plan that works for your entire family. Some of the families I helped create this plan with decided they were going going to tidy up the basement on the weekends. Others wanted the entire house done every night. And some decided they just wanted certain rooms organized every night. There is no right or wrong way to do a nightly tidy. You just have to decide what that looks like to you.

The Organized Kids showing lego storage system by putting away lego bricks

If you aren’t sure what you need, I suggest trying to tidy up two rooms in a night. You may notice yourself feeling calm and relaxed, then just keep those two rooms tidy every night. If you need more, add more to the list. Just find what works for you and your family.

Step Three

Repeat every night! 

Now I do have to warn you that you probably won’t be able to do this every single night. Because life happens. And that is okay! You have a plan. You can make it work for your home. No need to stress about doing the nightly tidy if life is getting busy.

But I do have to add that when things do get busy, it might be beneficial to do the tidy. It can help reduce that overwhelm you feel. I know it does for me.

I noticed that when things get busy, it is even more important that I spend the 15 minutes I need to clean up every night. It helps me feel refreshed for the day. I am no longer waking up feeling overwhelmed. I can enjoy my coffee without seeing the mess. 


What are you waiting for? The Nightly Tidy Cheat Sheet is totally free!

Start by downloading the cheat sheet here. The cheat sheet is the 6 pages of plans you need to create a nightly tidy in your home.

Watch the video. Because the video breaks down some areas in the cheat sheet that you may find challenging. Like figuring out an area that may need a declutter first. Or your nightly plan of action.

Then do the work! Do a nightly tidy every night with your family. I mean, you already spent the time creating this plan, why wouldn’t you stick with it?

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