One of the most popular questions I get asked about is how to organize paper! We all have some sort of paper problem, whether that’s unorganized important paper or straight up clutter. Between the bills, letters from family, and year-end report cards – it can feel really intimidating trying to manage everything!

So, what can you do to tackle that paper clutter once and for all? I have some effective paper clutter solutions that will help get your counters clean and papers sorted!

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Organizing Mail and Bills

how to file bills and reciepts

This can be the most boring and taxing paper pile of them all! And on top of that, it can be the most visible one! There’s that one corner of the kitchen counter that collects all the mail and bills that come your way and who wouldn’t want to figure out a nice way to organize that? 

As the daughter of a CPA and a household owner, I have put some time and energy into bringing you only the best advice for organizing your mail and bills paper piles.

Organizing School Papers

Professional organizer is sharing her tips for how to do an end of school year backpack clean out to ensure nothing gets lost over the summer!

When it comes to organizing school papers, there are a few easy ways you can create effective systems to maintain a (semi) clutter-free paper pile! Depending on the age of your kiddos’ some of these systems they can do, and some you will need to maintain. Once you find a system that works, keep going with it!!

Organizing Sentimental Papers


I think everyone is guilty of collecting “sentimental” papers, leaving them on your counter or in your nightstand to pile up over time. By the time you decide to go down memory lane, you wonder, “Why is this here??” Whether it’s Christmas cards from ten years ago, a letter from your mom, an old concert ticket or a recipe you swore you were going to make that one time – it’s important to work through the sentimental/miscellaneous pile. 

Organizing Craft Paper


You never know when you need craft paper for a rainy day! I love keeping around craft paper for labeling, creating charts or giving the kids a fun project to do in an afternoon. In my household, it is necessary to keep around – but only if it’s organized and manageable. Here are some of my favorite tips for organizing your craft/project paper.


No matter what paper pile you need to organize, it should be a breeze with any of these suggestions! Need somewhere to start? Try using my Declutter Paper Like a Pro Checklist down below! 

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