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10 Ways To Store All Those Extra Items

Learn 10 ways to store extra supplies, bulk items, or overflow that will keep you more organized and bulk items more manageable.

Whenever you buy things in bulk, or maybe just get a few more than you need of an item, how do you end up storing that extra supply? Because when you actually buy them, you need proper ways to store them! It makes no sense to buy in bulk and not have easy ways to store extra items. So I have 10 ways you can store all those extra supplies so they are both organized and easy to get to!


Using a bin to help gather all the extra supplies can seem like an obvious option. Which is why I love this one for storing extra items. If you are storing these item in a pantry or linen closet, try finding longer and more narrow bins. This will allow you ample room to store your items so nothing gets lost in the back of the pantry or linen closet. My favorite bins are below:


Another option for storing extra items is using baskets. Now I use baskets to store sheets. Because folding those fitted sheets can be tricky, you can easily put them in a basket and they stay nice and neat. I also like using baskets for storing extra snacks in the pantry. The baskets are a great way to help the bulk snacks stay contained. My favorite baskets are below:


Turntables or lazy Susans are great for storing extra items in the back of a cabinet or corner cabinet. I love using them for storing extra cleaning supplies behind the cleaning caddy. I also love storing them under the sink. Since you can turn them, they make it easy to keep things tidy while in a specific space.

Under Sink

I feel that under sink storage is a great spot for storing extra supplies. Using under sink organizers can help with that. By using the organizers to store extra beauty items, you can create tons of space under your sink. You can read more about under sink organizing here.


Another place to store extra or bulk office supplies is in drawers. So I use drawer organizers to keep extra office supply items like staples, paper clips, or tape in the back of the drawer. By using the drawer organizer, you can keep all the extra items together but still accessible. You can still find what you need without having to run around your office looking for those extra supplies. I have more tips on drawer organization here.


Rolling carts are a great place to store extra supplies. Let’s say you have extra make-up in your bathroom so you can store your extra make-up behind the make-up on your cart. Using carts as extra storage is great because you can wheel the cart anywhere! You can read more about cart organizing here.

Line Them Up

This is probably my biggest tip when it comes to storing bulk items. Line them up like you would find at a grocery store. The reason why is that everything is in straight lines so you can visually see it all in one place. It helps when it comes time to replenishing the supply. Plus it helps keep your cabinets or closets stay organized because everything is in lines.

Store Extra Items

Storing items where you use them helps when you are limited on space. I recommend this when you are limited on space because it helps you stay on top of refilling things quickly. You can see everything you have in one place based on where you store the products.


I also recommend taking inventory if you do buy in bulk. By taking inventory, you are writing down all the things you purchased. As you use them, you cross them off your inventory checklist. It is really helpful, especially when you do buy items that may not have an expiration date like toilet paper or paper towels. If you store them in a place that isn’t as easy to get to, keeping the inventory near you will help remind you of what items you have. 


Finally, make sure you label all the things! And by label, I mean label the bins and baskets. The shelves. Everything! I have some posts about labeling below:

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With all these options for keeping extra supplies and bulk items, you are sure to stay organized for good!

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