Towels, bath supplies, extra toiletries… all these things can easily pile up and get lost in closets or cabinets. Because linen cabinets are usually deep, I have found some tricks to keep things contained and accessible when you organize linen cabinets. Test out a few and see what works for you and your space!



1) Empty & Categorize


I know this tip doesn’t shock you as much as it should, because I say this for every single organizing project – but empty everything. Pretty self-explanatory, but it does need to be said! Whenever I start to organize linen cabinets, I remove everything and sort it into categories. This helps me decide how much space specific things need. After that, wipe down the shelves to give yourself a clean slate to work with later. 

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2) Store Items Nicely!

Easy tips for how to organize linen cabinets from a professional organizer. By keeping linens organized, you can find everything you need quickly and easily! #organized #linencloset

Remember this – “bin your linens” and “group like items together”. You will be able to see all of the items in your closet in one glance, especially if you categorize your shelves. Plus, it’ll make you happy to see everything all nice and neat!

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3) Folding


The key to maximizing the space and organization in any linen closet is to fold all of the bulky items correctly! Trust me, this is the life hack you’ve been waiting for.

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5) Labeling


You guys, labeling is the best! In keeping your bins and shelves labeled, you will be able to find everything you need quickly and easily.  And anyone in your family will be able to find whatever it is they are looking for because it is all labeled!

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If you are still looking for more linen closet organizational help, check out my YouTube channel where I will share videos to help you get organized! 


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