At the beginning of the summer we started to tackle organizing the garage.  We started by washing all the walls and painting the entire garage.  Then, we sorted through all of our stuff in the garage and in the house.  Collecting all the items that we no longer have use for, we sold those items at a garage sale.  The items that we didn’t sell, we donated to a local donation organization.

Now it’s time to get the garage organized with some easy storage solutions.  We have a lot of outside equipment like leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers.  We don’t use them that often, but when we do, we need to access them easily.  Our garage is rather low, so we decided to put hooks in the ceiling to hang our leaf blower, hedge trimmers, and other outside equipment.  Make sure when you attach anything to the ceiling, you find something solid like a stud or wood, to attach it to, so it doesn’t fall from the weight of what you are hanging on the hook.

Organizing The Garage With Easy Storage Solutions - Ceiling Hooks Garage

We have some peg boards in our garage.  I think peg boards are a great way to store tools, pet supplies, and outside equipment; like rakes, shovels, and brooms.

Organizing The Garage With Easy Storage Solutions - Pegboard Storage Garage

Target has some wonderful, colorful buckets.  Taking these buckets, I hung them on the peg board to hold some of our smaller things like doggie bags and clothes pins.  Next to the buckets, I hung our dog’s leashes.

Organizing The Garage With Easy Storage Solutions - Shovel Storage

We found this shovel hanger hooks from Home Depot.  The plan is to switch out the shovels based on the season.  Right now, we have our planting shovels on the closer hanging hook and our winter shovels on the inside hanging hook.  Once the weather gets colder, we are planning on switching out where the shovels are placed for easy access to the shovels.

We created a ball storage solution for all of our sports balls, where I gave a tutorial on how we made this using bungee cords and a cabinet.  This is an easy location to store all of our sports balls for the kids.

Now there is one area left to get organized.  It is the large workbench that is currently storing all of Ben’s tools.  We have already gone through all the tools and decided which ones he is keeping.  Now it is time to get them organized in a way that he can keep up with.  He likes things to be all out so he can see them and put them away easily.

When creating a storage solution for someone like this, I like to find creative ways to keep things organized, but also meets the needs of that individual.  So, as I brainstorm ways to get the tools organized on the workbench, I will leave you with the task of getting your garage organized for the Back To School Organization Challenge.  Take some time today to clean out an area of the garage that is just driving you nuts!  And don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ for more tips and tricks on ways to get organized!

The Organized Mama