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How To Declutter A Bedroom: Step-By-Step Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial for how to declutter a bedroom like a professional

The very first place I suggest decluttering is your bedroom. Now don’t go and roll your eyes at me. I am serious about this. When you have a tranquil place to sleep, your brain is able to go into REM sleep quicker and longer. Which means you get a better nights’ sleep. And you wake up feeling refreshed. And ready to make decisions. Like what you want to keep in the kitchen. And what you are making for dinner.

See, your brain can only make so many decisions in a day. And once it is tapped out, you make groggy decisions. You know that feeling when you think something is a good idea until the next morning when your brain can process it?

But if you don’t get a good nights’ sleep, you aren’t going to be making the best decisions because your brain can’t process everything.

Instead, start by organizing and decluttering your bedroom. So you can get a solid nights’ sleep. And make good decisions.

But where do you start? I am breaking down my six simple steps to declutter a bedroom the easy way.

Step One

The very first thing you need to do is round up things that don’t belong in your bedroom. Then store those items outside your bedroom door. You will place them in their spot once you finish with the bedroom.

Since our focus is to declutter the bedroom, we want to stay in the bedroom at all costs. So creating piles outside the door of things you don’t need or that should be stored somewhere else is the easiest way to keep you focused on the task at hand.

I also love using a declutter caddy to keep me focused while I am decluttering. The caddy includes everything you need for decluttering so you don’t have to run out of the room and get distracted.

Step Two Of Decluttering A Bedroom

Once you have cleared all the things that don’t belong in your room, it is time to put away the things that do belong. They need a home or specific spot to go.

Grouping similar items together. Then find a place for all those items to go.

Create a plan for your clothing. Don’t let them stay on the floor.

Remove papers from nightstand. Put books on a bookshelf or counter. Don’t let they lay on the floor.

In fact, don’t let anything be on the floor other than furniture.

Step Three

Now speaking of floors…under your bed is another area that can get really cluttered. And you don’t need to be sleeping above a hot mess.

So limit what you store under your bed. Make sure it is tidy and organized. Give everything under your bed a purpose.

Whenever I store things under our bed, I make sure they are labeled and contained. We currently store our table extensions under our bed. But if you do store other things, make sure you don’t shove things under the bed. Give them a purpose.

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Step Four

And since we love giving things purpose, you are going to do the same with your items on your countertops, nightstands, and dressers. Any item that is out should have a purpose.

On my counters, I keep a tray that was my grandmothers. On that tray are perfumes and colognes. I also keep my jewelry box on the counter. And I keep a Lego set of the tv show Friends coffee shop. This is something special because my husband purposed to me in a book format using the tv show Friends episode titles.

So I am asking you to give things purpose that you have out. And give things purpose that you have hanging on your walls. If you don’t love it, then get rid of it. You don’t need that kind of clutter in your life.

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Step Five Of Decluttering A Bedroom

You will also need to create space for things that you typically find on the floor. This means planning ahead. If you know that you have a lot of papers you go through before bed, create a spot for them to go so they don’t end up on the floor as you fall asleep.

Instead of letting clothing pile up on the floor, create a spot for those “in between” clothes to go. We keep a basket next to my husbands’ side of the bed because that is where clothes pile up. Now he has a spot for them to go instead of the floor.

Get creative with where you store things. Just make sure it is easy for you to put away!

Step Six

Make your bed. It is that simple. If you aren’t sure how to do that, I suggest my lazy way.

Lie in your bed. Pull the sheets and blankets up toward you. Give them a gentle shake. Then fold the top part over. Get out of one side. Smooth that side. Then smooth the other side of the bed. Add pillows and your bed is made.

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How To Declutter A Bedroom

Bedrooms should be the very first room you declutter. Because you get a better nights’ sleep with a tidy room. So remove everything that doesn’t belong.

Then give everything that is staying a specific spot to be stored. Limit what you keep on the floors. And make your bed!

By continuously keeping your room tidy, you are going to get better REM sleep, make better decisions, and just feel more rested every day.

So make a plan to tackle the bedroom first with these decluttering tips.

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