Last month my main focus was on getting the kids’ bedrooms organized and updated.  After our kitchen renovation, our entire house was so disorganized, that I needed to actually spend quality time getting the entire house organized.

I shared some organizing hacks for getting my son’s room organized.  Since he is a lot like me, keeping his room organized is rather easy.

organizing hacks bedroom

My daughter, on the other hand, is more like my husband… she hides her clutter so it “looks” clean.  Like every single stuffed animal we have in the house was shoved into her bed.  That’s her organization style, so I needed to be more creative with ways to keep her organized that work for her.

Before we converted her crib to a big girl bed, we removed the doors of her closet and put her dresser in the space.  This has been a huge help for her as she is limited on space for collecting clutter, and is one of my favorite organizing hacks!  If you don’t have a lot of floor space in a room, use the closet for functional storage.  Do this by adding furniture into the space if you aren’t ready to commit to a custom closet.

organizing hacks bedroom

With her dresser in her closet, I had more floor space to work with.  I started by moving everything around in her bedroom.  We moved her bed away from the wall.  Then, I moved her bookshelf into the corner that her bed was.

organizing hacks bedroom

I went through all her books to keep them organized.  I really wanted to make sure we were only keeping books that she read.  I went through every single book we had and donated the ones the kids were done reading.

organizing hacks bedroom

On her bookshelves, I really wanted to keep things she loves.  She is obsessed with putting on “make-up”, and by that I mean chap stick.  I found an adorable pink tray that can grow with her and her “make-up” collection!

organizing hacks bedroom

We organized her hair accessories into different spaces throughout her room.  She has a bow and headband holder that I made.  All her pony-tail holders are on the ring holder or in a clear organizer.

t-shirt drawer organization

I spent a lot of time organizing her drawers.  My plan for her is to keep each drawer a specific category.  She has one drawer for strictly t-shirts.  I know there is a lot of extra space in the drawers, but she pulls everything out because she isn’t sure what is in the drawer.  By keeping each drawer a specific clothing item, I never have to worry that she will empty the entire drawer trying to find a top… well, that is until she is a teenager!

organizing hacks bedroom

In her night stand, I store all her stuffed animals.  She also likes to keep a play crib in her bedroom for her babies.  It is actually a nice organizing hack to use the play crib as a storage container!  All the stuffed animals are contained, and she can find them!

organizing hacks bedroom

Once her room was organized, I needed to add some handmade pieces to her room.  I created giant flowers using my Silhouette Cameo.

organizing hacks bedroom

I keep a bin under her bed for quiet time.  I store beads, giant buttons, and other games I have made.  I store it in a Creative Options portfolio container since it fits under her bed perfectly!

I am so happy with how her entire bedroom turned out!  I do need to create a few window valances for her, but that will probably happen in the spring since there is drilling to be done!

organizing hacks bedroom

Come take a peek inside and see my organizing hacks for kids bedrooms!!

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