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How To Repurpose Halloween Items To Create Thanksgiving Table Decor

Easy ways to transform your Halloween decor into Thanksgiving Table Decor with items you may already have around your home.

When it comes to the holidays, I absolutely love getting everything all decorated!! Our living room and dining room get a total makeover!! I am always on the hunt for beautiful ways to create a warm and inviting space that is different during this time of year. So this year, I decided to do something totally different and try to repurpose my Halloween items as Thanksgiving table decor. The reason why I wanted to do this was because I didn’t want to buy anything new, since we aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year. But I still wanted our dining room and living room to feel festive.

But I also didn’t want the spaces to feel too “Halloween-y”. So I had to find that delicate balance between pumpkins and turkeys. And I think I have the best balance for our space, which I can’t wait to show you!

chalkboard with quote "thanksgiving. not a good day to be my pants"

How To Repurpose Halloween Items To Create Thanksgiving Table Decor

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Step One

The first step in repurposing Halloween items to create Thanksgiving table decor is to clear your table. Then round up all of your Halloween items. Since I have so many items in different colors, I selected a color palette that I thought would fit Thanksgiving, which was greens and blues. All of my orange and pastel items went back into my Halloween storage box. You can see how I store all my holiday items here.

I added a tablecloth as a blank canvas for our table. I typically don’t add tablecloths to our table because I always have a table runner. But, this year, I decided to try something new. And, I have to tell you, that I loved how it worked! The table felt really cozy, which I sometimes feel like tablecloths make the table feel more stuffy.

And I added some text to our chalkboard we made. You can find that tutorial here. I wanted the quote to be funny, since it was going to be up for the month of November. My neighbor found it and I just died of laughter, making it the perfect quote to have up!

setting thanksgiving table decor with white tablecloth and chalkboard

Step Two

Next thing I did was add a runner to the table. I went with a green runner since I was going with green and blue Thanksgiving table decor. When you are repurposing Halloween items, try to stick with the same color palette. It will help you create a stunning tablescape that goes well with the holiday!

I don’t have a lot of table runners, so I did end up buying a new runner. This one is actually perfect because it is two-sided, so I can have straight green or the other side is off-white with a green leafy print. Love when things can be multi-purpose!

thanksgiving table decor with runner, tablecloth and chalkboard with quote "thanksgiving. not a good day to be my pants"

Step Three

Lay out something over your runner. I added a magnolia garland to the middle of the table. I love how the brown and green give it some texture. Then set the table! For this table, I am using our china from Crate and Barrel. I love them because they are basic, so I can add color using napkins or the tablescape itself.

For the napkins, I wanted something cute, so I made bows using the napkin rings. To do this, I folded the napkin into a triangle. Then I rolled the napkin so it looked like a long snake. I crossed each side of the “snake” over so the tails crossed. I slid the entire napkin through the napkin ring, and, boom! Bow napkins!!

thanksgiving table decor with bow tie napkins set on white china

Step Four

Now comes the  fun part…shop your home!! Yes, you already have your Halloween items, but you can easily add items you have around your home when creating the perfect tablescape. But what do I mean when I say “shop your home”? Well, that just means that you walk around your home and find items that may work for your table. This could be candles, votives, candle holders, vases, plants…you name it!! Even it already has a place, it can be moved temporarily to add some decor to your table without spending any money!

thanksgiving table decor by repurposing halloween items like pumpkins and candles

Step Five

Once you shopped your home, you get to add your items to the Thanksgiving table decor!

Whenever I start adding items, I like to group them into groups of 3. Then I make sure to have each of the three items to be different heights. I always start, I try to use candle holders or candle pillars for my taller items. Sometimes I will add things to them like pumpkins or lanterns.

For my  table decor, I decided to add a green, velvet pumpkin to one candle pillar. And a vase with cottontails to another candle pillar. The vase I have was a hot chocolate bottle that I spray painted.

I added our fabric pumpkins around the table as well. These fabric pumpkins were a purchase from a few years ago. Instead of just setting them out on the table, I put some on candle stands to give them a little more pop. I made sure to spread out the different colored pumpkins on the table as well. This helps create a finished look to the table.

I also used a lantern to give some more height to the table. Inside the lantern, I added light up boxwood garland. When we have friends over, I can easily turn them on to add an extra glow to our table!

thanksgiving table decor with pumpkins, candle pillars, and chalkboard

I am beyond happy with how our Thanksgiving table decor turned out this year. Because I didn’t have to buy anything new (other than the runner), and I was able to repurpose our Halloween decor for the holiday! I love how there is so much to look at but nothing blocks the view of others sitting across the table from one another. This is a huge pet-peeve of mine. If I can’t see you, how can I chat with you?? So I really tried to get the height that makes the table so interesting to look at but also keep it conversational.

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