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The Organized Mama is an organizing and home decorating blog based out of the Chicagoland area. With a focus on helping families get crafty and organized, I believe that order and creativity can promote joy, even when doing the most daily and basic tasks!





Five Of The Best Small Entry Decor Ideas

Resident design expert Stacy is here to share tips for small entryway decor ideas! Entryways serve a very important purpose… it is the first impression people have when they walk into your home. If your home were to tell a story, the entryway would be the first couple...

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How To Make A Super Simple Extra Large Chalkboard

I have been wanting a simple extra large chalkboard for our dining room since we finished our kitchen almost 2 years ago!! But every tutorial I found wasn't the exact chalkboard I had envisioned. I wanted something more industrial, yet super easy to follow. All that...

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How To Freshen Up Outdoor Decor

I am so excited to have our resident home decor expert back sharing her tips for ways to freshen up your outdoor decor! Stacy has some amazing examples and tips for how you can get your outdoor space looking summer ready! It's that time of the year... the bright blue...

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Play Room Rules Free Printable

When it comes to decorating play rooms, I love creating handmade pieces that add some flair and personality to the space. Since I am sprucing up the kids play room by adding some spaces for them to hang artwork, I thought creating some fresh, new signs to decorate...

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Pink, Pineapples, and Plaid Paper Bunting

Anyone else looking forward to this summer for BBQ's, parties, and hanging out by the pool?? I know I am!! And with summer, comes having friends and family over.  So, whenever we have people over, I like to try to pretend that I am a party planner and create fun...

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Geometric Spring Banner Tutorial

I am so ready for it to be spring. Like, I want to get outside and run around and not have to be bundled in two million layers. So I am trying to make spring get here soon. I did some spring cleaning of the kids' bedrooms. (And I have a spring cleaning checklist if...

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